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ARMY TM 9-6115-639-13 AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-386-51 MARINE CORPS TM 10155A-13/1 Section II.  REPAIR PARTS; TOOLS; SPECIAL TOOLS; TEST, MEASUREMENT, AND DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT (TMDE); AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT 4-2.  COMMON TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT. a.  For   authorized   common   tools   and   equipment,   refer   to   the   Modified   Table   of   Organization   and Equipment (MTOE), CTA 50-970, or CTA 8-100, as applicable to your unit. b.  Tool Kit, General Mechanics; Automotive, Supply Catalog SC5180-90-CL-N26, is the primary supply source for tools used in maintenance of the generator set. 4-3.  SPECIAL TOOLS, TMDE, AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT. Refer  to  TM  9-6115-639-23P,  Generator  Set  Repair  Parts  and  Special  Tools  List,  for  complete  data  on special tools and equipment required for generator set maintenance.  Refer to the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC), Appendix B, for special tools and equipment used at the unit maintenance level. 4-4.  REPAIR PARTS. a.  Refer to Appendix H for a list of Mandatory Replacement Parts required for unit level maintenance of the generator set. b.  Repair  parts are listed and illustrated in TM 9-6115-639-23P, Generator Set Repair Parts and Special Tools List. Section III.  SERVICE UPON RECEIPT OF EQUIPMENT 4-5.  GENERAL. Refer to paragraph 2-6 for instructions on unpacking, assembly, and servicing of generator set components. 4-6


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